05 March, 2010

she is my everything

this is steve blogging and...
here are just a few of the things that my
wife rocks at:

1. being a mom/ wifey

2. making me laugh

3. baking (she created a new flavor for the frosting and it was d-lish)

4. decorating our home (she made the curtains herself)

Add Image
5. Music (singing, guitar, piano, and concertina)

"one should choose a wife with the ears, rather than with the eyes"
-french proverb

lucky for me i used both

6. blogging

you all are reading aren't you!

"A wife is the joy of a man's heart"


  1. thanks steve-o. you are a sweetie pie :)

  2. How sweet. I wish I could enlarge the picture of your bedroom. I want to see the curtains closer. They look super cute though. Way to go. Your baby is so adorable. Those lips and cheeks... if he were my baby I could just kiss him all day. lol.

  3. this post is so sweet. It's touching to acknowledge all that she means to you and all that she does for you.


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