02 March, 2010

let's get away

find our own country,
we'll build a house and bed out of palm trees,
let's get away,
let's push our lives aside.
{island - the starting line}

guess who is backpacking through costa rica next month?
me and steven!
we booked our flights last night and goodness gracious,
i am muy excited!

for those of you who have been there, anything in particular we should do/see?


  1. Thank you and I love this picture of you guys! What a beautiful day to be on the beach :)


  2. Beautiful qoute. I adore your blog.

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous, I am trying to go there this summer! I would say to definitly tour a rainforest, that would be such an amazing adventure!


  4. I love that quote and would love to do that! I'm jealous of your trip though. Be sure you take tons of pictures to show us when you get back! My husband and I still haven't gone on our honeymoon.. I'm hoping that changes soon.

  5. yay! fun times!

    you guys look SO young in this photo. *sigh* i miss the ocean.

  6. Yay!! I love costa rica! My friend and I backpacked there a couple of years ago, you will have the best time!! Go to Montezuma!!! That town is like heaven on earth ;)

  7. I am dying to check out Costa Rica... Scope it out for me so I can go there next!

    I am headed to Puerto Rico in just a few weeks... Travel really does rejuvenate the soul!

  8. First of all--I looove that picture of you two--definitely a keeper! Second--Costa Rica (!) yahoo!!! Every person I know who has visited there comes back completely in love with the place! I hope your trip is magical!

  9. I've never been, but how exciting for you! Plus we get to see pictures :)

  10. That's awesome!!! You guys are going to LOVE it! Trevor wants to tell you all the awesome places to go-- I can't remember any of their names. But we are so excited for you guys!

  11. enjoy your trip! i went there last august and it was BEAUTIFUL. for adventure, i recommend zip lining. and then for relaxation, find a hot spring fed by one of the volcanos and just soak. :)

  12. Hi there! I'm glad you liked the sub post! check out


    Its got lots of detail about where in costa rica we choose to go and you can see if you'd like it.


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