05 March, 2010


i miss the east coast. it has always had a special place in my heart.

i especially love...


though you can't see the ring, steven had just proposed at clearwater beach.

at almost the exact same spot that steven proposed,
i had my bridal photos taken by trevor + caci
florida's beaches are so gorgeous.

washington, d.c.

need i say more?


a few summers ago we had a huge family reunion near philadelphia. oh, how i loved the history.

north carolina

gage saw the ocean for the first time at the outer banks in n.c. so tranquil.

i've never been, but can't wait to see: martha's vineyard, nyc, boston, vermont.

what do you love about the east?


  1. I think it is great that the sweets stuck out for you!!! Life is too short not to acknowledge their goodness ;)


  2. everything. the food oh.. the pies (pizza), the shore, christmas in nyc, real boston clam chowder and it's aquarium, cobblestone roads, real autumn colors, the amish at harvest, cherry blossoms, the burning of the yule log, the attitude (at least you KNOW if they like you and their opinion)... oh i could go on. i miss home.

  3. I have to agree, I love the east coast too! Especially South Carolina, the food & people are awesome there!

  4. I love your blogs:) they're always so cute. I love nyc, dc, obx, how green it is, the history, and most of all.. I love the ec because this is where I Brandon:)

  5. Awww cute bridal shot - same spot he proposed! I like that :)

    Thnx for the sweet comment.



  6. born and raised!

    love the diversity, the rich, rich culture, the architecture ...and especially my parents' home and the feeling they created in it.

    love those guys.

  7. ummmm I am feeling really dissed here...what about Virginia???? They greatest state ever! LOL!

  8. I love how the east is so green and you can get to places easily. I miss New York and I'm itching for a trip.

  9. I don't miss the East at all! (I went there for college).

    I love the wedding photo of you on the beach. Looks straight out of a magazine!

  10. You look so lovely in your wedding dress. You and your hubby are just so adorable!

    What do I love about the east coast. Everything!

  11. Love the pictures! I very much want to visit The Outer Banks! My only visit to the east coast so far has been to Charleston, S.C. I'm hoping for Maine this summer.

  12. I love all the ones you listed in your "too see" pile :)

  13. i am absolutely smitten with NYC... you go into total sensory overload but it's worth it. The food, the shows, the people watching!

    i am definitely a west coast girl but i would love to see more of the east!

  14. oh so agree with this! how i just love tropical southern florida, i'll be down there next week [hooray!] and i love pennsylvania, lots of my family is there. i've never visited charleston, nyc, or boston.. but they're on my list of goals!

  15. i love the east coast, too! there's a certain charm over there.. :)

  16. I think Jay Z said it best...
    "These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you. Let's hear it for New York."


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