15 March, 2010


i'm letting stress get to me. and i don't like it.

to find relief from these silly little troubles that seem really heavy, i've been looking for outlets like....

lots and lots of snuggling, naturally.
{gage sleeping in a pile of warm laundry}

going to bed earlier
{which is actually really hard for me}

eating nutritiously + exercising
{homemade vegetable soup and breadsticks}

and even though these things help, i'm still a little too tense for my liking {and my family's, i'd imagine}.

help! how do you de-stress?


  1. that is a tough one it depends on what the stresses are and how on going they can be. I like all the things you've already said, but here is one more good one! GNO! girls night outs really make me feel better! good luck!

  2. I usually relax by drinking white "grape juice" ;) and lots of snuggling and venting of course! Exercise, SLEEP and good food always feel good too!

    Have a great Tuesday =)


  3. oh I believe everyone is looking for this answer. I think the best one for me is filling the bathroom with lot of candles, a steaming hot bubble bath (LOTS of bubbles!) and super relaxing music (no words, so you can just meditate and breathe. I use an iphone app called Silent Island and an ipod dock for music). Good luck! We've all been there-- it'll pass!

    And p.s. your little one is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!

  4. two words: alone time.

    also, i've never been to rexburg, but i envy your proximity to yellowstone! have you ever been?

  5. Exercise for sure. I run or jog when I need to de-stress and it really helps with my sleeping at night. Hope that helps! Sorry you're stressed out. :/

  6. i hop into bed with a good book and let my mind escape to another place... works every time.

    that little one is pretty darn adorable... they are so cute when they're sleeping!

  7. write, write, write and date your man every weekend.

  8. reading helps me. i'm going to read, "eat, pray, love" heard it's good and inspirational. if i could just find time...?

  9. thanks for checking out my blog - im loving yours!

  10. Eat chocolate.

    Watch a whole season of my favorite TV show on DVD.

    Yell at somebody.

  11. I agree with the excersise one! I have been doing that and my head is clear now and I feel better. Also taking walks outside is nice, just to be in nature and in the sunshine.

  12. i'm stressed too. i almost strangled my dog for barking. poor thing. try taking a relaxing bath or go for a walk outside instead of working out in the gym. the fresh air helps me

  13. ugh I need to de-stress too! all these things are so good though. I'm trying to get to bed early but let's see it's midnight now and I have to wake up at 7 (so I pretty much suck at that one!). I try and go on walks in the evenings (especially when the weather is nicer) that helps a lot. Have you tried yoga? That might be good!

  14. Love those rosy little cheeks!

    I de-stress by taking some alone time to read or browse through Target or the bookstore. Hot tea helps too...


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