28 February, 2010

melting into march

we had a few minutes today to take some photos in a park near our house. the snow is melting, and we wanted to capture some of the winter magic before it's gone.

i'm excited for spring, but there are a few things i'm going to miss about winter....

uggs and leggings.

adorable lumberjack hats and sweaters

warm wintery snuggles

flannel pajamas

snowy scenery

rosy cheeks and pink noses

what will you miss about winter?


  1. I agree. I'd rather admire than have them. Also, love your pictures here :) Very cute!


  2. GREAT pictures! And great captions! What will I miss about winter???? Being snuggled in piles of blankets on the couch with a good book while others are watching TV ... the olympics ... dark mornings that allow sleeping-in ... and CHRISTMAS celebrations with people I love.
    I love you.

  3. NOTHING! I can't WAIT to get rid of the snow and wear my sandals again! YIPPEE! :)



  4. ooh your posts just make me want to go outside and frolick in winterness! but then I remember my aversion to the cold...and I read a book about summertime instead. :) oh yeah...and your baby? is SO adorable. that is all.

  5. uggs and leggings are my absolute fav! but i can do without my uggies in exchange for the summer heat :) i'm ready!!

  6. Enjoyed your photos. Everyone is so photogenic with their "rosy cheeks and pink nose".

    I will miss the feeling of hope and anticipation for spring and green when it's summer and spring has long passsed.

  7. Hot chocolate, and the rainy days when we're warm inside. Other than that, bring me SUMMER!

  8. what a sweet little lumberjack!

    i will miss cuddling up by the fire with my husband and a good book.

    i will just have to move my book reading to the pool!

  9. That one of you looking down reminds me a book I had when I was little of Snow White. Great shot!

  10. Gotta love the rosy cheeks and pink noses! I will miss having a good reason to drink hot chocolate with whipped cream. :) And cuddling up under a blanket with a good book!

  11. The rain, the cold and the fog... Oh wait! We're not going to miss any of that! Good riddance!

  12. i love winter!
    i will definitely miss it being too cold outside to do anything so just staying inside, snuggling up in blankets and drinking hot cocoa :)


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