22 January, 2010

winter blues

when i was in seventh grade i had one really bad week, i don't remember the details, but i do remember that someone had spread a terrible rumor about me and i was dreading going back to school.

so i told my mom what had happened, and she told me i could stay home from school. i told her that i wasn't sick, and she said "that's fine, we'll just call it a mental health day."

so we drank hot chocolate and scrap-booked all day. one of the best days i've ever had.

i think gage is taking a mental health day today. he got two immunizations a couple of days ago and has just been terribly under the weather.

so the last few days he has spent his time...

snuggling with mommy

playing with little puppy, a present from his grandma

and of course, reading books with daddy.

hope you all have a weekend as relaxing as gage's!


  1. What a SWEET post! It made me cry. I want to be with you.

  2. I want to meet your mom. She sounds wonderful:) And sweet gage, hope he feels better soon! Shots are no good


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