17 January, 2010

just imagine how you'll look in a bikini in three months

my sister-in-law, whitney, bought me this super cute apron for my birthday. not only is it useful in the kitchen, but the message keeps me motivated. especially when my mind wanders and i start thinking about delectable treats like brownies made from scratch.......oy.

now, i'd like to start featuring participants every week on the blog to help motivate others, and give you a little ra-ra as well, so if you're interested, email me your progress at some point and a picture of you if possible, and i'll be sure to let the whole wide world know how awesome you are.

that said, the featured participant in biggest loser: family and friends 2010 is........

steven redfern! {he also happens to be my husband}

steven used to eat fast food once a week, drink chocolate milk almost every night and hated anything green. now, however, he is on a strict diet of no sugar, he eats green veggies with every meal, and hasn't cheated once {on me or the diet. haha?} also, he has starting eating fish, which proves miracles happen. and that he loves me.

go steven go steven go. go steven go steven go.


if you'd like to participate in our biggest loser challenge, it is never too late, just send me your email address and we'll add you to the list, and send you details about the competition.



  1. hahhaa great apron! so true!
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and for your sweet comment!

  2. Hey Brooke! How would you feel about Chris and I joining too? We would love to get skinny with you! Can we invite ourselves?
    Email me at amynyou2@yahoo.com


  3. helena, thanks for stopping by :)

    and amy, we'd LOVE it! i'll email ya

  4. you are super cute. way to motivate people!

  5. ra-ra you can do it! I can't believe that you are getting Steven to eat things he hasn't liked in the past. Brad doesnt like any of the foods I like most (fish included there). Is there a secret to that? In my neighborhood the ladies started a workout group that gets together 2 times a week at kid friendly times to workout and motivate each other it has been fun and helpful! We post our weights and inches too. So I am with you in spirit!

  6. wow! good job Steven!! I'm not in a particular "diet." I actually am refusing to call my regiment a "diet." Actually it's more of "eating FRENCH!" since my fam is Filipino. that sticks too. I've cut down on a lot of stuff, oh, you should go see. http://dailybooth.com/toujours9 I try to keep it updated but often get lazy. thanks for the weekly emails!


  7. I'm so glad you like my gift! We miss you guys

  8. I am glad to see a wife can do what a mother couldnt...now where are Christmas pix?

  9. anna_walker_1992@hotmail.com

    Sign me up!


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