10 January, 2010

i've made my bed, now i'm gonna sleep in it.

have you?

tomorrow our biggest loser competition starts!

if you are going to join us then record your weight (no need to tell anyone, just keep it for your own records), shoot me an email letting me know you want to compete {brookeredfern@gmail.com}, and read my last blog post for details of the competition.

i am SO excited. i've been trying to find the motivation to get rid of my extra baby weight, and it is really hard to diet on my own, but i think this competition will be the kick in the bum i need to get my act together.

so eat, drink, and be merry my friends, for tomorrow we diet.


  1. hey! where did you get those shelves? the ones on each side of your bed and the big one above it? im tired of looking for tables for night stands to put next to our bed, a shelf would save space and look cuter!

  2. GoodLuck! you're gonna do great!


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