25 January, 2010

i think i can, i think i can

well, monday is just about over and this is the first time all day i've had a moment to sit down.

yay for burned calories from rushing to and fro,

boo for exhaustion and this perpetual cold i've had since october.

this is our third week of the biggest loser competition, and i have FINALLY started seeing some improvement! someday i will post the pictures. right now my self-esteem is too fragile.

note of encouragement: i've been dieting and exercising since the beginning of january, and am only now seeing the numbers on the scale go down.

another note of encouragement:

this is azure, my adorable sister.

she is 12 and she is participating in biggest loser; not to lose weight, but to become healthier.

she gets up every morning before school {which starts at 7 am... that's dedication} to work out to jillian michaels, and she has started eating very healthily.

azure, you are the bomb! thanks for your wonderful example of hard-core-osity.


  1. hey, so i had to analyze a nutrition article which means i had to buy a magazine. turns out there was a pretty good workout in there for losing the baby weight/strength training. i did and am dying (in a good way). anyway, it's in the february issue of fitness magazine. thought it might help.

  2. Funny that you said you've had it since October. I keep telling Kyle and my mom that I've had a cold since Thanksgiving and I'm totally serious. It just keeps switching from a cold to a sore throat... back and forth and it never goes away. Gage is looking mighty cute these days. Crazy how much they change and how FAST! Congrats on seeing results. I'm in a horrible rut right now. I really want to lose some weight but feel there is no source of motivation. Sad day in my life. I need to stop eating though. It's turned into a serious problem. Good luck.

  3. note: I need to stop eating SO MUCH. I'm not saying I need to stop eating in general. lol. Just thought I'd clarify.

  4. My cold is back as well. SHEESH!
    I'm measuring my progress by how my clothes fit. Still feel the same ... but I'm hoping ...
    (Bry's birthday about did me in - 2 dinners, 2 cakes, etc.)


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