06 January, 2010

be there or be round.

** for some reason i can't change font size on this post, so bare with the boring 11. lucinda.

*** my birthday, Christmas, and new years haven't been blogged about yet, i know. i will get to it, but this issue is simply TOO pressing for me to blog about other things first. pictures of gage are coming soon. i promise.

as many of you know, in a few weeks we are going to start a "biggest loser" competition among our family and friends. we were originally going to start the fifth, so today, but i ended up being a little busier than i thought and didn't have time for PR.

so here you go.

if you haven't seen the show 'biggest loser' on tv, here's a brief synopsis - contestants exercise and diet for a certain amount of time and whoever loses the largest percentage of weight wins the competition.

since some of our participants are adolescent boys and others are perfectly proportioned, there will be three categories to this competition:

weight loss
weight gain

the first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the "routine" category is for those whose bodies don't need to gain or lose fat, but who simply want to live more healthily, they will need to set exercise and diet goals and keep track of them every day, and whoever follows their routine the most percentage of time will win that category.

the winner won't receive a huge cash prize or anything, just a small gift basket of tasteful items picked out by moi, as well as a big ol' pat on the back and tons of recognition.

if you'd like to participate, starting january 11th {that's monday}, then please do the following:

1. take a picture of yourself in your most scandalous outfit {as close to monday as possible}, you don't need to send it to me or anything, and it won't be posted anywhere unless you want it to, but it will be fun to have it on record for yourself. if you'd like, take pictures in the same outfit once a week.

2. weigh yourself and record your weight, and continue to do so each week until the end of the competition. your percentage of weight loss will be calculated from your weight on january 11th and your weight on the final day of the competition {april 11th, which is a sunday}

3. email me (brookeredfern{at}gmail{dot}com) and let me know that you're in. we'll send out weekly inspirational messages, so you most definitely want to send me your email address.

4. if you want a super awesome t-shirt that we will hopefully be able to send to you by march, send me $7 and your size. {email me for my mailing address}.

this is going to be absolutely awesome, so if weight loss is one of your goals for the new year, then join us on this little expedition and i promise you'll enjoy it.


  1. Brooke this is the coolest idea ever! I wish I could participate but since I'm preggers it's probably not a good idea- haha. But keep us bloggers updated and good luck!! Love ya!

  2. That sounds like a blast!

    Too bad my girth is just going to be steadily ballooning to gargantuan proportions rather than whittling away to sheer rock ab awesomeness. But in 5.5 months, let me tell ya baby, I'm in!

  3. Ponch and I are in...started monday.Hes lost 4 I have lost 3...probably all water...been peeing like crazy. I know TMI!!!

  4. catie and caci, can't wait for your babies!

    mom, i'm SUPER excited to compete with you!

    and toni, lol. sooo excited!

  5. Brooke, Your Mom told me about this and I would like to join in! I started eating better on January 1, but this challenge will help me stick to my goals- and be accountable ;)
    As for the pregnant gals, why not do the "routine" part of the challenge? Eating better is always a good thing.

  6. Throw me in the hat as well! I will have to get hubby to take a picture, but don't have any scandalous outfits...:-)

  7. Brooke- Jeff and I are in!
    We just started this with my school last Monday. We bought the Jillian Michael's book at Wal-mart for $11. GREAT recipes and SUPER EASY!! We also downloaded her circuit training exercises off the internet. It rocks! Don't know about the pictures . . .I HATE pictures! Great idea. Love you!

  8. Hi Brooke, Have a question, do you want us to report weight each week? It does help to report in to someone...keeps us motivated.


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