07 December, 2009

oh my sweet carolina

i've been listening to that song today because it's that kind of a day.

dear sierra,

today is blah. except that my hair looks really good.

gage misses you.

i miss you.
steven misses you.

kit kat commercials are just agonizing without you.

it's not fun to break my diet without you.

it's a heck of a lot colder outside without you (five degrees. shoot me.)

and david archuleta's christmas cd just makes me sad.

will you come back? peeese siella? (that was gage).


  1. (This is Sierra) I miss you guys so much. Everyday so far is just blah, waking up at 5:30, going to seminary, school, home, homework... :( I miss watching the office everyday and craving the crunchy chocolaty Kit Kats :) I miss snuggling Gage in the morning and running to the car to turn the heater on. I love you guys so much. If i could come back I would. I love you guys. :)
    love Sierra

  2. Not only is your hair cute, your coat is adorable too.

  3. thanks! but i think you're confusing me with my sister, she's the one wearing the cute white coat :)

  4. oh so SAD ...

    I'm not Sierra, but it made me cry to read that ....

    How about we buy a compound and we all live next door to each other? I can't stand separation myself, but to hear my kids hurting from it is just too much to bear. We need to be near each other.

  5. BROOKE! Ever since I found out you had a blog I've been following it...but not commenting. Weird. Anywho, that all changes now. I love all your posts too! They make me laugh. This one was sweet. P.S. no class on Friday! Wahoo!

  6. Hello! Welcome you to my blog!
    Kisses. Kiki Brazil.


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