13 November, 2009

sweet november

this is our wintery, cozy little casa.

i love this time of year. i don't think i can emphasize that enough. love it. i love halloween, i love dark mornings, i love winter-smelling candles
(burning cinnamon vanilla right now), i love wintery foods (soup, buttery pasta, hot chocolate....oh man), i love warm clothes, wearing my uggs in bed... not to mention thanksgiving and christmas (i could go on forever).

anyway, november really crept up on me this year, and i'm bummed. i haven't seized the fall. but i'm resolving now to do better.

our camera lens is currently being repaired by nikon (don't even get me started), so no new pictures of the gage :( but soon.

meanwhile... here's my gift to you. these songs will for sure put you in the winter mood.

little novembery playlist

giving up - ingrid michaelson
the fear you won't fall - joshua radin
fools in love - inara george
say - john mayer
live and learn - the cardigans


  1. ooooohhhhh! LOVE that picture of your home, but especially LOVE the mental images your words created!

  2. Maybe I will get to see the Rocking Chair? PART of the fun of giving is watching the faces and i didnt get to do that but I am glad you got to shop with your family.

  3. oh toni, the rocking chair is WONDERFUL. i'll post pics as soon as we get our camera back. i spend a few hours every night in it, it's pretty much my new bed. thanks SO MUCH


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