04 October, 2009

so we've been a little busy

but seeing as it is the most relaxing day of the year, i have some extra time to blog. gage is fast asleep, arms and legs sprawled out across the coach, semi-wrapped in the football blanket lindsey & gang made for him. (gracias). here are a few photos of the little boy.

anyway, much has been happening around here. gage slept for about 5 hours straight last night (we are in heaven), steven got a new job that is absolutely awesome, i am attempting to go to class and praying that i'll pass all of my classes so i can graduate on schedule, and we just got an awesome camera, so now we will actually post pictures! huzzah!

oh and also a little tid-bit, trevor and caci are in thailand! if you guys are reading this, hope you're having a blast!

now for the food portion... today we had some great meals. the redferns have a clam chowder tradition in the fall, so i followed lindsey's lead and made some today (it was delish). then we decided that today was a perfect day for apple pie. feast your eyes upon this:

step 1: cut up 3 apples into teensy pieces, toss with sugar, cinnamon, flour and nutmeg

step 2: make crust, pour in filling, and bake

step 3: add ice cream and indulge


  1. OH YUM!!!!!! Your pie looks so, so good!

    Gage is precious Brookie. I can't believe how much he's changed. From my point of view, he has Trevor's head shape and definitely your mouth. Steven's eyes? I think so .... I think he's the perfect combination. GOOD JOB.

  2. You guys are sooo busy!!! Adorable baby pics, though and good to see that you still have time for a tasty dessert!

  3. GAGE is the cutest baby in the WORLD! the picture of him with the passi in his mouth while steve is holding him is so cute!


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