11 September, 2009


hello world!

wasn't that last post wonderful? steven is amazing.

so here's a quick synopsis: labor started late Monday night, and Gage was born on Tuesday at 10:16 PM. during that time we had a few scares: i got a really high fever that made Gage's heart just race like crazy (it was in the 190's for a few hours). that's when we started to worry because our doctor suggested that a c-section might be necessary to keep him safe.

eventually my fever went down and so did gage's heart rate, which was such a relief.

at about 6 PM i started pushing and my epidural stopped working. the anesthesiologist tried to fix it twice, but i ended up pushing unmedicated for a few hours until right before delivery when my doctor gave me a spinal block to numb me for the final few pushes.

steven and my mom coached me through everything and they were amazing - especially when the epidural stopped working and i went a little delirious. they got me through and i really couldn't have done it without them.

one cracked tailbone and a few stitches later, gage was put in my arms, and it was the happiestmoment of my entire life.

since then the recovery has gone pretty well. gage is doing great - he is so stinking cute. the pictures really don't do justice. but i'll post some anyway.

just hours before i went into labor

at the hospital


gage's first car ride - on the way home from the hospital

grandma and gage are best friends

he is such a cuddler - he hates it when he's not being snuggled.

mommy and baby

trevor, caci and jace drove up to see him. he loves them already.

i know you all want pictures of gage, don't worry, i'll post a bazillion soon.


  1. He is soooo adorable. I have a gift to send. Email me or message me on facebook and let me know where I can send it. Take care

  2. wow! Brooke you are awesome. I can't believe you had to push that long without your epi! ahhh! You're my hero! Well that baby is adorable! I can't wait to see him in person! love you guys!

  3. Brooke he is beautiful! What a wonderful family you have! I love you guys!

  4. You are all soooo amazing! You all went through so much these past few days, it's hard to imagine it all, but at least everyone is happy and in good shape! Congratulations and keep the adorable pictures coming!


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