01 September, 2009

update: 11:16 PM

So here's the story so far:

Around 5 today at work I called my mom cause I was having serious menstrual-like cramps and didn't know what to do to relieve them since obviously I'm not menstruating. She told me to hang tight and see how I felt in a few hours. 

So around 7 I realized that the cramps were getting worse and I was getting super exhausted, so I called Steven and told him about everything and asked him what he thought about it, he felt really strongly that we should head in to the hospital, even though I assured him that I was just in pre-labor and it can go on for weeks. 

So we got to the hospital around 7:45, got hooked up to the contraction monitor and the heartbeat monitor for the baby (he's perfectly healthy and active). About halfway through the routine questions that they ask when you're hooked up to the machine, I looked over at the paper being printed out of the contraction monitor, and guess what? I had just had a HUGE contraction! Well, not huge, but it was very obvious, and it didn't even hurt too bad. 

So we were hooked up to the machine for about 15 minutes and in that time I had four medium contractions. The nurse checked me and saw that I was almost completely effaced, but I hadn't started dilating yet. 

The nurse told us that if things keep going how they're going she'll see us later tonight - if the contractions get to the point where I can't talk through them, or my water breaks to head back in. She seemed to be pretty sure that we would come back in either tonight or tomorrow. 

We left the hospital and the contractions got stronger and we timed them as coming between 3 and four minutes, lasting about 45 seconds to a minute each. 

As of right now, there isn't really a lot of news... I'm still having contractions, they're a little bit less regular. What To Expect says that this is all part of phase 1 labor. We are trying to keep busy with lots of law & order re-runs and playing Risk. 

Wish me luck! 

I'll keep updating, and when I'm no longer in the frame of mind to be typing, Steven will take over, so keep checking. 



  1. you're going to do so well! don't even worry about it... and I'm sure your mom will get there on time!

  2. "I can't actually deliver him until 2:40 tomorrow (when my mom gets here)"....hmmm...babies don't always like to wait, but I certainly hope it all works out for you. Just close your legs really tight! Good luck!

  3. Hang in there! Good luck with everything, as well as waiting until 2:40 tomorrow. Unfortunately we have no control over the time it could be sooner or later or right on the nose.


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