26 August, 2009

peaches & tomatoes

i can't stomach anything lately unless it is a fruit or veggie. everything else feels too heavy and makes me sick. (hello again, 1st trimester). 

so anyway, i've probably eaten more peaches than utah has grown and we go through salad veggies faster than... something really fast. 

after a month or so of boring salads, i was delighted to find on this blog, a link to 101 simple salads. they all sound absolutely delish, but this one really caught my eye - peaches, tomatoes, olive oil, red onions, cilantro and maybe a little bit of lemon zest... mmmmmmmmmmm. ooh and maybe avocado slices? mouth-watering. 

photo courtesy of cupcakes & cashmere

so mom, what do you say we have this every night that you are here? or if we get sick of it (doubtful) we can try some of the other salads, such as the cucumber one (sounds so refreshing), or the cherry tomato-soy sauce one? 

can't wait to see you, and eat this delicious salad. 

hope you're all eating well and enjoying the last bit of summer freshness. 

on thursday he's full term, so pray that i have him asap, please. 

1 comment:

  1. yum, Yum, YUM!!!! Ok - I'm down :)
    Let's eat every kind of salad we can make.
    And please don't have him too soon sweetie. I know you want him out, and mostly you want to snuggle him in your arms, but I want to get there early. PLUS - remember that September's birthstone is sapphire. It's worth waiting for.


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