27 July, 2009


this week was just crazy.

my family got here on Tuesday and with it being finals week we had some trash queen appointments (not many, seeing as i'm not very helpful with a melon for a belly), but that kept us busy as well with steven's finals (he did great), both of us working, and late nights of speed scrabble (thanks, bennions, for showing us), we were already exhausted before the baby shower on thursday (picture will come soon).

saturday we went to the wheeler family reunion outside of ririe after i was done with work, and had a blast (again, we'll post pics soon). we got home around 11:30 and just passed out from exhaustion.

then, today, we went to a testimony meeting at the reunion and it was so fun to hear stories about the wheeler grandparents (my mom's mom's parents). 

then we came home and i slept for a few hours. 

and then i woke up and realized that it's all over... the big summer event. we've been looking forward to the family being on our turf for months, and now they're all gone! 

talk about a downer! 

we miss you all! come back!

and i promise i'll put pictures up soon! 


  1. It was so fun to see you guys! Your house is soooooo cute; thanks for letting us stay with you! Jace was especially in heaven-- he walked straight into milk and candy heaven! He was in bliss the whole weekend!

  2. oh sweetie ... it did go way to fast! We miss YOU and STEVEN a whole lot. Speed-scrabble was a definite highlight. I taught everyone at the Call Girl reunion, and we're enjoying it too. You and Steve are perfect hosts. hope we didn't leave your house in too much of a chaotic mess. I'm mostly thankful you guys enjoyed the Wheeler Reunion with us. Good times.
    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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