10 July, 2009

and some more bahamas memories

we just got another camera developed from our honeymoon, and the pictures are AWESOME! keep in mind, i am not photogenic (don't argue, it's a fact), and so usually i have to take about twelve digital pictures before i find one where my face isn't shaped like a bell, but amazingly most of the pictures turned out great. guess we should use disposal cameras more often!

right after we went snorkeling. LOVE this picture. 

the sign in the middle says "No Swearing. And Keep Your Island Clean". we love the Bahamas. 

just call me mrs. jason bourne

steven doing his jason bourne pose next to the scooter. 

they sounded soo0 good, but they were sooo not good. 

at a fancy dinner 

handsome steven.

not the most flattering picture, but i posted this for dad - it's just like guam! Roscoe, the skipper, let me be captain for a while.

on our way to go snorkeling

just enjoying the beach

the view from the back of our resort

bracelets we bought from a stand at the market. awwwwww.

steve's just chillin, drinking his pina colada (it's non-alcoholic, i promise ;) 

the view from our room

this is an awesome picture, but i don't know how to make the colors right and make us less fuzzy - any suggestions lindsey/trevor/caci/anyone else who knows anything about photos?


  1. Brookie - I LOVE all those pictures! Can you believe it's been almost a year?!? You both look so happy in the pics ... you got prints of all of them, right?

  2. I am so happy to FINALLY see honeymoon pix. And you my darling are gorgeous!!!! You take a beautiful picture...yes..I am arguing with you. Loved getting to see you guys even if it was fast and furious! Hope it wont be too long. We hate having you guys so far away!

  3. Mom - we actually just got them on CD, but we'll print some of them soon.

    And Toni, thanks :) I know, I wish we could come out to VA more often.. I'm sure we'll be out there more after the baby's born. Just 2 months!!!!

  4. Love them! My fav is totally the first one!


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