09 June, 2009


today is my day off. 

i had plans to make a delicious and beautiful coconut cake, 

to make our house spotless,

to make some rachel ray eggplant and bruschetto paninis,

to set up my visiting teaching,

and to go to the gym,

then i went to the doctor and found out i have acute respiratory inflammation. i am now the proud owner of an inhaler. 

and then i came home to rest and realized i was just too exhausted to get back up. 

hate that! but the thing is, i am just TOO tired to even feel guilty for not getting things done. maybe i'll get a burst of energy later tonight. probably not.
 happy tuesday! 


  1. Sorry to hear about the respiratory inflammation... Is this a temporary thing or more permanent?

  2. My checklist when I was pregnant was very arduous, too: eat chocolate, eat doughnuts, eat chocolate cake, sleep, eat cheesecake, eat double cheeseburgers, take a bubble bath.

    I am glad to say, I generally accomplished every item on my list every day. Yes, way too much of an over achiever.

    I am going to go make a coconut cake now. That looks divine.

  3. Glad you're listening to your body. REST some more!

  4. They think it's triggered by allergies from something growing here in Idaho, so hopefully we'll figure out what is the cause, then if I can avoid it i'll get over it. It's nothing serious.. just annoying. Thanks for asking :)

  5. um, hope you got to eat that yummy cake. my nephew has a sweet tooth already. he and i will soon be BFF.

    feel better.


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