23 June, 2009


so lots has been going on in this redfern abode.

first and foremost, i have a very funny story to share.

saturday night it was about 2 AM and mr. and mrs. next door were having a very noisy party. both steven and i have just re-read the harry potter series to prepare for sixth movie (being released july 15th!!) so we kept almost falling asleep, then one of our neighbors' guests would laugh really hard, or say something really loud and the noise would carry from their open window to our open window, and then we'd jolt back to consciousness. 

steven is a genius, i tell you. in the theme of harry potter, he jumped out of bed, grabbed our big ol', really bright flash light, went to our window, and in a VERY loud, commanding voice with a british accent yelled,


and flashed the light directly into their window. 

they fell silent. 

it was hilarious. i was laughing like a loon. he is the funniest man alive. 

aside from that, much is happening on the infancy front. our baby is now fully developed, but if he came out now he'd look like benjamin button, as he doesn't have much fat yet, so his skin drapes off and is all papery-looking. 

and this is my enormous bodice. 28 weeks! wasssup! hopefully it shows up. my computer won't let me upload pictures to the blog, so i've had to copy/paste it from facebook.

other than the baby growing like crazy, my belly expanding like there's no tomorrow, and steven being hilarious, there's not much else going on. we're both working like working workers, and getting ready for brandon and whitney's wedding, the wheeler reunion, and the chapman family rafting trip. 

life is wonderful. come visit us! 


  1. that is SO FUNNY!!!!! it actually sounds like something Azure would do :)

  2. You look fabulous! Keep it up for a bit longer!

    Don't you just love college-town neighbors? Never a dull moment!

  3. I am very sick, but I laughed too hard at Redfern's response. Nice one man.


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