30 June, 2009

3 very important issues

the first is a list i've been dying to make. 

here are the top 5 fictional people i would name our son after if their names weren't so weird. 

1. albus

after albus dumbledore. he is my fictional father figure, and one of the greatest martyrs in all fictiondom. 

2. bean
from ender's game and ender's shadow. we are already going to use ender as a middle name for one of our kids, but bean is just as great a character as ender and even more relatable in some ways. we love bean. 

3. the toad

from wind in the willows. watch this to understand why i feel so much affection for him. he's the funniest little character, i love his accent, he is so free-spirited! and his voice reminds me of my childhood. 

4. matthias

from the red wall series. if you haven't read the red wall books, do.

5. indiana

indiana jones, of course! only the most realistic hero EVER CREATED! he's a history professor, for crying out loud. and he's so handsome. nothing reminds me more of sunday afternoons with my family as a kid than the love theme song that comes on when indiana sees marian. what's indiana's real name? his dad calls him junior, but is that it? 

2nd order of business:

i have found the most delicious treat in the world. it is Lindt's white coconut bar. OH. MY. HECK. it is TO DIE for! it is absolutely amazing in every way. the taste is just so perfect. i can't even describe it. they're like 2 bucks at walmart, go buy one. please! and then tell me all about it. 

3rd order of business:

remember when i posted about how i have gained so much weight? well, at that point i was gaining about 4 pounds a week (the month of may). in june i was averaging about 2 pounds a week. good news - since last week, i have only gained .5 pounds! why, you ask?
because i have gone to the gym every single day except sunday since my last appointment! 

hip hip hurray for me! i will not be gargantuan! i promise! 


  1. You should name your baby Sirius. :D

  2. We were just watching America's Got Talent and saw the most darling 13-year-old boy. His name? Arcadian. (and he's not fictional!)

    On the other issues: CONGRATULATIONS on the .5 lbs! Hip-Hip-HOORAY! (no pun intended)

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