14 May, 2009

what we've been up to

my belly has been growing

steven's poor finger got smashed

we bought this little snowsuit from pottery barn for the baby (it's chocolate brown)

we painted our baby room french bistro 

steven has been studying like a madman to get a 4.0 this semester. this is at the place i work, Dolce Vita

this should probably be sooner in the blog, but here is steven painting the room

this is my belly! i know some of you may be grossed out by this.... however, i wanted you all to see that my belly button is almost an outie! woo hoo! 


  1. Brook, are you and the doctor sure there is only one baby in your tummy?
    G & G Chapman

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. We're just sooo happy for you, Brooke! You know what you should do? We actually stole this idea from Trevor and Caci, but take a profile picture of your belly every week so you can "track your progress." Looking back it was such a good idea and we wish we could have started earlier.

  4. SUCH A CUTE BELLY!!!! And I love the baby's room ... it's classy, comfortable, peaceful. YAY for blog updates!!!!xooxoox

  5. Sorry I missed the e; old age, I guess. Know of our love for you and Steve. We too, are looking so
    forward to your baby; you'll be great parents.

    Love as always,

    Gramps C

  6. o my goodness brookie!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE A CUTE BIG BELLY! only 3 MORE months!!!!!!!!!YAY!


  7. YEAY!!!!! Finally a belly pic! So cute!!

  8. Thanks everyone! And Grandpa, don't worry about the 'e' :)


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