10 May, 2009

happy mothers' day!

i am thoroughly convinced that i have the best mother ever. here's why. 

she puts the gospel first

she's still a kid in all the best ways

she's smart. and she appreciates the beauty in all things "virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy". 

everybody thinks that she's their best friend. but she's not, she's mine. 

my mom:
always builds us up
never yells
is always up for some mischief
defends us
loves good books
can make a good meal out of almost nothing
has the best smile and teeth and fingernails and skin and hair and face. she's gorgeous.
takes her church callings seriously and excels in them
always finishes what she starts
taught us through example how to live a frugal life
tans so easily
is my best friend! 


  1. Thank you princess. What a sweet, surprising tribute. BOY I HAVE YOU FOOLED!!!!!
    Love you sweetie ... can't wait to watch you be a mother!

  2. "tans easily"--love it. that one made me smile.

    you do have a GREAT mom. happy mother's day, denalee. i hope you got to work on your tan. :)


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