07 April, 2009

well, hello

so we have two days left of the semester.

we are exhausted. 

between work, cleaning, and school poor steven is about to collapse from exhaustion. he is such a trooper - working 2 jobs right now, both at insane hours. 

i'm doing fine - just busy with work and school, so soo sooooo ready for school to be over. i'm not in school this summer, which is just fab. i can't wait to let my brain take a break.

my mom, brother and sister are here to help with trash queen... they are saints. we love them. 

ok time for some SUPER EXCITING NEWS! I FELT THE BABY MOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME ABOUT A WEEK AGO! i feel it almost every day now, just for a second. it's so crazy. the baby has quintupleted in size since my first doctor's appointment... or in other words, is five times bigger than it was then. LOCO!

that is pretty much it. 

oh, and we posted on our new blog, brookeandstevenpolitics.blogspot.com... go to it, it's pretty interesting. 



  1. Wow, you guys get out of school really early, huh?! Oh well - that's good!

    Congrats on feeling the baby - truly amazing, isn't it?!

  2. That's always exciting, the first time you feel the baby kick. It really makes it more real, as if being pregnant isn't real. :)

  3. We had a BLAST with you kids - but alas! no time for Nertz ... so come visit soon so we can PLAY.


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