14 April, 2009

virginia is for lovers

i love it.
i love the weather, i love the humidity. i love the grass. i love the trees.
i love the redferns! the immediate ones and the extended ones, love love love them.
i love the history here, i love the patriotism that's around every corner.
i love being spending time with my in-laws, and being totally spoiled by them :)
i love getting to know my future SIL better,
i love chilling with haylea and brandon,
i love playing with the sweet babies,
i love chatting with the cousins,
i love that it's midnight and it's STILL WARM OUTSIDE! but not too warm.
i love virginia.


  1. virginia is my magical place in the universe. i love it there. they only place i have considered home in my 30 (gasp!) years.


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