26 April, 2009

a rose by any other name

so in my search for the perfect name for our baby, i've come across quite a few interesting name meanings on baby name websites. the *'ed ones are names we're considering. we found a trend... most of the boy names we like are manual labor.

here are a few we thought we'd share:

alfred: "elf counsel"... what????
tucker*: "someone who folds cloth" 
caleb*: "rage like a dog"
barbara: "foreign, strange"
bronwyn* (maybe not anymore): "white breast"  
briony*: "poisonous climbing vine" 
cameron: "crooked nose" haha cam...
carter*: "transporter of materials"
parker*: "game keeper of a park"
caprice*: "tantrum"
colby*: "worker of coal"

while i'm at it, here's a list of our top names.

briony, calypso, caprice, holland, jency, claire, marseille, jett

caleb, tucker, parker, trey, colby, carter, brady, william

we find out monday what the gender is..... can you believe so much time has passed? i'm already past my half-way point! insane! once we find out the sex, choosing a name should be easier... we just want to find the perfect one. what do you think? 


  1. of course we're partial to "Parker", but it is your kid afterall :-)

    For a girl, we like Calypso and Claire and if it's a boy we like all of the names you picked out, but Tucker sounds the neatest when you pair it with Redfern.

    Anyway, that's our two cents worth! Can't wait (bet you can't either) to hear if it'll be a boy or a girl!

  2. i like claire for a girl. there's a certain poise to it. tucker is definitely a favorite for a boy! very cool.

  3. My favorites are Trey and Carter. Actually, Carter is my favorite-- LOVE it.

  4. great boy names. congrats, btw. sorry we were in no emotional state to celebrate with you. monday was a rough one at the r house.

    my vote is for TREY. so cute. but i also love parker and carter. DARLING!

    fyi: tyson's name on his original birth certificate from his birth mother is caleb. we are fond of that one. :) but seriously, all of those are cute.


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