18 March, 2009

one man's terrorist...

is another man's freedom fighter.

i recently read an article written by scott anderson about the turkish hunger strike that began in 2001.

it was hard to read because it is just so tragic. the people were fasting in an attempt to make the government get ride of "F Prisons". because of turkey's anti-terrorism law, anyone at any time can be arrested without trial and without being told why or how long they will be in prison. at the time the article was written only 10% of the imprisoned turks had been given reasons why they were imprisoned.

the prisoners aren't just adult males... they're women, teenagers, children, who are tortured daily.

in addition to this, they are now being placed in F prisons - solitary confinement for years. before at least they were in large rooms so that they could bolster each other up, but after a large non-violent prison coup of a hunger strike (in an attempt to stop it, 33 prisoners were killed by armed guards), the F Prisons were put into use.

these people are considered terrorists by the US government as well as most middle eastern countries. though i wish with all my heart this wasn't necessary or in existence, i admire these men and women for dying slow, painful deaths to fight with what they have (their bodies and lives) for their friends.

similar strikes have taken place by guantanamo bay prisoners (did you hear about this? i sure didn't), irish republicans, american suffragettes, and, oh yeah, ghandi.

it breaks my heart that these freedom fighters are considered terrorists.
go here to see them for yourself.
go to this website if you'd like to do something from your computer to help our friends out and hopefully end their suffering while still achieving some political success. just go to the "how you can help" tab and start sending letters for whatever issues get your blood boiling.

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  1. We watched Traitor the other day-- it totally reminds me of this post! Check it out!


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