06 March, 2009

i just gotta say...

lindsey's the bomb.com.

ever since i told her about my sock problem back in november (i didn't have any) she's been my sock-supplier.

she first gave me like 12 pairs of socks - NYPD socks, green polka-dot socks, pink sparkly socks (my fav), thick winter socks, ankle socks... so many socks.

and i was so happy. then, to my delight, she sent me heart socks for valentines day!

and then when brandon came to visit this week, he brought with him ST. PATTY's DAY SOCKS! from lindsey! for me! YAY!

lindsey, thanks for thinking about me and my feet even though you have so much more to think about. it's the little things like that, that just make you so glad you're not a family-less hermit.


  1. Yay for sweet sisters-in-law!

  2. lol! i just saw this post. :) you are welcome. i prolly won't be sending you any in the summer because you are a flip-flop kind of girl, but we shall resume in the wall. LOL!


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