24 March, 2009



when i first found out i was pregnant i started a day-by-day log of any food cravings/aversions i was having.

shortly into my third month, i realized it was almost too overwhelming to keep track. one minute i was craving applesauce, the next second the thought of it made me gag. 

here is a list of the top ten repeat cravings i've had throughout the pregnancy. feel free to send crates of them to our house. they will be much appreciated - by the wee one, of course :) 

red licorice. almost constantly. funny thing is, i don't think i've had licorice since... my sophomore year of high school? 

dried mango. yum. yum. yum. and healthy. and a little pricey. but delicious. 

tropical candy like skittles, starbursts, mambas... anything chewy and tangy. 

salty tomatoes in things like salsa and bruschetta

hot dogs - this phase is over, thank goodness. it was a beast while it lasted. 

veggies!! i always want red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots.. anything fresh. 

sushi. but i always crave sushi, so i'm not sure it counts. 

grilled cheese sandwiches - this is my fall-back meal when everything else smells gross. 

kudos with m&ms on the outside - remember those granola bars? i've only had them like twice in my life, but i think about them all the time. 

and last but not least....

carpet! i crave the smell of new carpet. weird, huh? maybe it was dad trying to feed me 'carpet candy' all those years... but if i could, i'd have a big ol' bowl of it.

number 1 aversion: mexican pork!!! sick!! 


  1. No way! I had your top three the whole time, TOO! All I wanted to eat the entire pregnancy were red licorice, dried mango from Costco, and any sort of chewy fruity candy. And also donuts-- I craved them like MAD! But I have to say, I didn't once crave carpet... Quite strange...

  2. Funny how your body changes when you're pregnant. I constantly craved fresh oranges. I think I lived off them for 3 months straight. I have to applaud the craving for dried mangos. I myself LOVE them. However, I'm a little concerned with the craving for carpet? Is Steve feeding you? jk

    Have you guys found out what you're having yet... or are you going to?

  3. My weirdest craving was Mentadent Toothpaste. (I didn't eat it - just brushed my teeth about a million times a day) We'll bring red licorice when we come :)

  4. You know, I've heard that certain cravings are associated with boys and other cravings are associated with girls.

    So what do all these things have in common?

    I know Trevor loves mangos, which tells me it's a boy.

    However, boys like to be outside and since carpet is inside, that points to a girl.

    Hot dogs clearly points to a boy.

    The salty and sugary things are both "manyly" temptations. Once again: boy.

    Caci doesn't like fish, so the sushi also points to a boy.

    Only one vote for a girl, huh? The Parker's officially think you're expecting a boy! We're calling it now!


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