08 March, 2009


so we just watched the edited version of "changeling" with angelina jolie. it was so good. it's a true story about a woman named christine collins whose son gets kidnapped. the police return a boy to her, and say it's her son (they even have doctors "prove" that it's him) but she knows the whole time he's not.

she goes to the newspapers with her own doctors' reports, and, to punish her, the police throw her into a psychiatric asylum where she is tortured. her doctor there tells her the only way she will be "cured" enough to be released is if she agrees that she was wrong about the kid, and that the police are not responsible. 

anyway, eventually facts come forward that help the investigation move along, justice comes to the corrupt policemen, and the whole time she never stops looking for her son.

i won't spoil the ending in case you watch it, but i loved it because it touched on so many issues that we don't even touch in our american history classes - female psychiatric wards, police brutality toward women, the level of police corruption throughout the 1900's, etc. 

this movie is about REAL feminism - about women who fight to have a voice. the next time some moron in one of my poli-sci classes talks about how feminism is ruining society i'm going to bust a gasket because true feminism (giving women the same RIGHTS and LIBERTIES as men -not the same ROLES as men) is actually what makes society strong, and this movie (which again, is a true story) really shows that. 

needless to say, i loved it. it was really sad and hard to watch at times, but if you have access to edited movies, definitely watch it. 


  1. Steven and Brooke,

    You mention that you watched an edited version of Changeling. I am curious how you found an edited version of this film and what kind of content was edited out of the film. A number of people who blogged about Changeling found they were unable to completely watch the film because of disturbing images. This edited version may be a way for them to view the film.

  2. we have a video rental place here that only rents out edited rated-r movies. it's called great american video - i'm not sure if they're a franchise or if they're only in this region. however, i'm sure that if you google edited movie rental places near where you live you'll be able to find one. good luck!

  3. oh - there wasn't any bad language, and the violent scenes were edited out - i can imagine the unedited version being really hard to watch, but the edited version is just fine.

  4. Oooooh! Sounds freaky but so good! I am pretty sure the Clean Flix here in Provo closed down... bummer! Maybe we will come up and watch it with you guys-- we'll bring the pizza!

  5. Clean Flix closed down, huh? Was that because of copyright violations or lack of business? I remember several edited movie stores in Logan. Too funny... Only in Utah and southeastern Idaho:-) Glad you got to watch it though... We can't wait to watch it ourselves!

  6. Ick, Brookie. Disturbing. I'll take your word for it. Horrible!

  7. Your blogs are enjoyable to read, but the grammer, punctuation and sentence structure could stand some improvement. I make this comment not to criticize, but because I'm your Grand father and I want you to be perfect in every way.

  8. "grandfather" is one word.

    considering that all you do is criticize, i'm not taking this personally.

  9. oh, and you misspelled 'grammar'. i only point this out because you're my grandpa and i want you to stop being such an ___ so that my kids don't dislike you.


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