01 March, 2009

3 little reasons why steven is the best

1. he takes me to lovely places on significant dates, such as valentine's day. 
steven and i at the Wynn Buffet, Las Vegas

and while we're on those special dates, he tries all kinds of new foods, just to make me happy, such as crab, sushi, and delicious salads. 

2. when I can't sleep, he builds me beautiful forts out of the couches downstairs so that I can "Sleep in Style"

3. he smiles at me all the time. this is my favorite reason. 

I sure lucked out. Steven's the best friend and husband in the whole wide world, and he's going to be the best daddy. 


  1. I am sooooo happy you married Steven! He is the AWESOMEST!

  2. hahaha! oops! That was me accidentally logged in as my mom. But I am sure she thinks Steven is the awesomest, too!

  3. He is pretty lucky too. He got a wonderful gal who is going to be the best mom ever!

  4. What an awesome tribute!!! So glad you found eachother!


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