18 February, 2009

v-day, bus, and maternity clothes

we had an awesome valentine's day. dang it, i forgot to get the pictures from off of my camera.... i'll get on that soon.

we drove down to las vegas and ate the most delicious dinner i have ever had in my LIFE. we went to the Wynn Buffet... i've wanted to go ever since my dad took me to las vegas when i was 13 and i saw billboards of the crab legs dangling over chic plates on really fancy tables..... sigh. anyway, steven took me tehre for our celebration and it was amazing!
i got:

17 crab legs
1 plate of shrimp and cocktail sauce (that i am craving very much at this very moment)
2 grape tomato, balsamic vinagrette and mini mozzarella ball salads
6 dishes of creme brulee
2 servings of a delicious seafood salad
1 serving of octopus keleguin
4 shirly temples
9 pieces of veggie sushi (which was seriously AMAZING). oh my heck. it was soo good.
1 strawberrys and cream and chocolate crepe

needless to say, i looked like i was about 8 months along 2 hours later, when we finally had the strength to leave. it was amazing. i recommend it to all who have some "fun money" saved.

we spent the night at the stratosphere, my mom and sister decorated our room soooo beautifully. it was magical.

we spent the rest of the weekend with my family in henderson. we had a BLAST. we went laser tagging with the kids, played some intense wii with my brother and his family, and played with jace - the cutest kid with a buzz cut i've ever seen.

it was the best valentine's day EVER.

on the drive back we got to stop in st. george and see my brother's company's new bus. i won't go into too many details but it is THE BOMMMMMMMMMMB. go to www.jtrevorchapman.com to see pics. trust me, you want to see it.

and finally, an update on the peanut.

my waistline is beginning to thicken, i'm about 10 weeks along now, and my appetite is starting to come back. if i lay on my back, and sometimes when i'm standing up, you can feel a hard little bump right below my belly button, which is so neat.

we may be able to find out the gender at our next appointment at the beginning of march. i CAN'T WAIT!! i think it's a girl, but my grandma who supposedly can accurately predict gender is sure it's a boy. i'll just be glad that it has a gender and isn't a neuter-baby. that is a joke.

okie gotta run to spanish. hasta luego!


  1. Honestly Brookie ... I CANNOT believe how much food you were able to cram into your little body! How long were you at the buffet?

    LOVED having you two here with the other kids ... BUT - it makes me miss you even more!!!!

  2. I can't WAIT for you guys to find out its gender! I think it is going to be a boy, too, but that would be cool if you had the VERY first grandDAUGHTER on both sides of the family! I think its a boy but I hope its a girl!

  3. Hey you guys! Sounds like you had an awesome Valentines weekend. Vegas is so much fun! Jonas and I want to go back someday. Glad to hear that your morning sickness is starting to cease. We are predicting it’s a girl!!!

  4. And you say you lost your appetite? Whoa baby! You packed some food away!
    Now when are you coming to VA?????

  5. Guys I am going so nuts waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl! Is it bad to pray for a girl? jk I wouldn't go that far ;)

  6. REBECCA!!! i've been trying to reach you! call me!


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