01 February, 2009

my mom

today i spent the last hour of church in relief society because it's this ward's annual visiting teaching meeting, where all the women in the ward get subs for their callings and get to go see the other relief society girls.

throughout the entire lesson (which was on the power of visiting teaching) memories of my mom flooded me. memories of her testifying to me, without even realizing it, of the power of service. 

in sitka, i remember wondering why the "old ladies" that were in the hospital from our ward were such a big deal to my mom. i remember my mom's heartbreak when one of the old ladies - who had become one of her best friends, had passed away. 

last time we were in sitka, we spent a good thirty minutes visiting my mom's other best friend who is hospital-ridden.

often when we talk, she nonchalantly brings up how things are going with the women she visit teaches, and her efforts in making their lives brighter.

the closing song of the meeting was "because I have been given much". even when my family has seen serious financial burden, my mom has found so many ways to give of her bounty. during the song i felt strongly, over and over again, the thought "be more like mom". 

she is a pillar of light, she brightens up every room she's in. she has a beautiful, pure, kind spirit and if i could remembered in any way, i would want to be remembered as being just like my mom. 


  1. That's so sweet, Brooke-- your mom will be so touched to read that tomorrow. We went to see one of her friends in the hospital the other day and it was really sad... she couldn't quit shaking and it was really scary and your mom just held her hand the whole time... She has SOOOO much love. It's so been so fun to be here with her in Alaska! I want to be like her, too!

  2. Now if I can just stop crying ...
    Thank you sweetie - that's the best gift anyone could ever give me.
    I love you.


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