16 January, 2009

well HELLO good lookin'!

sooo I finally learned how to change things around on the blog, and it's not boring ol' vanilla anymore! woo hoo! a quick update on our life...

we got called in december as nursery teachers for the 2-year-olds. we were gone for the whole month, though, so we are now on our third week with our adorable kiddie-pies. we already love playing with them and teaching them (even if our lessons last like... 2 minutes, max). aside from the kids, we've also made friends with their parents, maybe... just maybe we'll make some friends this semester! fingers crossed!

school is going really well. steven is amazingly studious, he loves history and soaks up every word of every text book. he is such a good example to me. my classes are by far the hardest ones i've ever taken, but i'm trying to just take it all day by day. interesting fact - my spanish teacher looks and talks like miracle max from princess bride so much that it's just loco!

it's january so it's freezing. icy snow is everywhere. we spend most nights in. Funny how everything is exciting when you're with the person you love. 

well, that's it. love and miss you all!


  1. Love the new layout – its soooo cute!!! Sounds like you guys have been staying quite busy.Two-year-olds are so much fun, their brains are like sponges at that age. Glad school is going well and that you have each other!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you guys!!!


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