17 January, 2009

vanilla vanilla

we have had a great saturday so far. 

this morning we went to one of my best friend's wedding. it was in the Rexburg temple, and it was absolutely beautiful. 

we almost froze to death waiting for starla and derek to emerge, but we had a little sliver of sun to keep us warm. 

the lovely couple

because we were so frozen we drove immediately to the cocoa bean cupcake cafe.... 
 ate a delicious vanilla vanilla cupcake, and drank hot chocolate. steven got mint truffle, i got hazelnut. 
it was perfect. 
and finally, the best part of the perfect saturday...........
about five seconds after we got home I heard a loud noise at the door and wondered what the heck it could be.... it was my family, coming to surprise me. they drove up all the way from nevada just to say what up. i love these guys. 


  1. What an AWESOME day!!!! The cupcake place looks amazing and what an awesome family you have!!!

  2. Love the changes on your blog!!! We miss you guys so much! COME TO VIRGINNY!!!

  3. you look so much like your mom in that cupcake picture. it's wild!

    have fun with your fam.

  4. So fun! Wish you could have come down with them this past weekend!

  5. Your new blog looks great Brookie! Thanks for the MEGA-FUN time. I'm still sore from boxing ... (I've decided - who cares if I win at any Wii game - it's worth the work-out!) We packed so much fun into the 2 short days. Thanks to you and Steven for making it that way! LOVE YOU


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