29 January, 2009

just gotta get it off my chest

every now and then this memory comes back to me and i start to get a little red-faced just remembering it.

the day before our wedding, the redferns put together a nice dinner for all of our friends and relatives. at the dinner, there was toasting. 

during one of the toasts, the person speaking gave a story. in the story it was said that while the redfern family was in florida for the family vacation, i was observed getting into a fight with steven, then walking away crying. after a minute or two, steven followed me and made up with me.

this story is false. 

what happened was this: we were at aquatica. we were fighting about a silly problem. when steven and i get into arguments, we both like to be alone for a few minutes and think things through so that we don't say anything we'll regret. steven got up and walked away. 
not to "run away" or whatever... just to go think by himself.

after a few minutes, i realized that i was in the wrong, so i got up (the storyteller was sitting right behind me, not sure that steven and i resemble each other enough to get mixed up) and went to go apologize to steven. 

there was no crying.

there was no chasing.

there were no temper tantrums.

just an engaged couple, standing in front of the tidal wave, laughing about our ridiculousness. 

big sigh.


  1. hahahahaha.

    laughing so hard.

    so hard.

    for so many reasons.

    love you, bff. :)

    and fyi: josh and i also need a cooling off period for the same reason you expressed. that way there isn't yelling in our home. don't change a thing. it works.

    and oh yeah, i freaking love you.

  2. Too funny that you think about that after 5 months!! Too funny! Have you figured out that Baby Gaga thing? I really think you should embed it. I know there are more people than just me who want to watch the development!

  3. Hey sweetie!

    Just wait till your KIDS start describing your "discussions".

    Then wait till you have SIX describing the same scene...pure entertainment!

    Hopefully time heals all the wounds…probably not a wedding feast goes by without someone saying something they shouldn't.

    Hope you guys remember the good stuff from that day too...one of the BEST DAYS EVER for me!

  4. no wounds, just a little embarrassment, and a good story for future generations :)

    of course we remember the good pieces of that day - go back in our archives and there are many, many entries focusing on the positives.


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