28 January, 2009

A Historical Day for the Redferns

last year on this day,

steven and i met for the first time on our blind date! 

and now we're married and so so so happy. this is us on our second date. 

crazy what can happen in just one year! best year of my life.

happy anniversary, steven. i love you! 


on another note, i'm doing a project for a class and need some help. here are the details:

I am doing research for a study regarding how pregnancy affects college students' grades for a class. If you are pregnant and in college, or have been pregnant while attending school, email me at brookeredfern@gmail.com your answers to these survey questions. If you have any friends who fit the criteria please invite them to participate as well. If you are currently pregnant and attending college classes answer all "a" questions. If you have been pregnant while attending college classes, answer all "B" questions. 1a While pregnant my grades are: a. getting worse b. staying the same c. getting better 2a Are you attending class 80% of the time? (Y/N) 3a How far along are you in school? _____ semesters 4a Is your spouse/partner currently attending school? (Y/N) 5a Are your teachers aware of your pregnancy? (Y/N) 6a Do you/have you suffered from nausea during school hours? (Y/N) 7a I am taking: a. 16 or more credits b. 13-15 credits c. 10-12 credits d. 9 or fewer credits 1b When I was pregnant my grades: a. got worse b. stayed the same c. got better 2b Did you maintain an attendance record of 80% or better during your pregnancy? (Y/N) 3b How many semesters were you in school before your pregnancy? _____ semesters 4b Was your spouse/partner also in school? (Y/N) 5b Were your teachers aware of your pregnancy? (Y/N) 6b DId you suffer from nausea during school hours? (Y/N) 7b While pregnant, I took: a. 16 or more credits b. 13-15 credits c. 10-12 credits d. 9 or fewer credits


  1. Congrats on the first year. I know you don't know me, but Steve and I were good friends.

    I can answer all of your pregnancy questions.... I was pregnant through my last semester of school.
    1b. they stayed the same.
    2b. yes, my attendance was 80% and higher.
    3b. 4 semesters before pregnancy.
    4b. yes, husband in school.
    5b. yes, most of my teachers knew. The ones who knew were fexible/ suportive.
    6b. Uggg.... yes plenty of nausea. Luckily I DID have understanding teachers who let me bring snacks to eat during class. Not mention there were five other pregnant girls.
    7b. B, 13-15 credits.

    Good luck with your paper.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!


    And I'll work on helping you with your project later this evening. LOVE YOU.


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