05 December, 2008

Game Time

As some of you know i have a small cleaning business that I run every year at the end of teh semester for students who are checking out of their complexes.

at 7:30 this morning, steven and i cleaned the first apartment of the semester. our fingers are bleeding, our palms are cracked, our knuckles are swollen, our lungs are failing from fumes, our eyes are dry and itchy, but we are soldiers. Trash Queen's soldiers. And we will fight until December 13th at 10 AM!


  1. What a good idea!!! I would have totally hired you guys... I would have hired anyone. I HATE cleaning! I always want to just check out without cleaning, but Dohnele always insists on maximizing the return of our security deposit. She's really good at doing that, but it takes sooooo much time! Anyway, stay vigilant!

  2. I now know what back-breaking work is like.


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