24 November, 2008


this is my second thanksgiving away from my immediate family, and it's gotten me to thinking about traditions.

one of the traditions that i am trying desperately to get away from is this: every SINGLE year, between October and mid-December, I get the stomach flu. Every year. Last year it was early, around late September. The year before I was hospitalized on my birthday for dehydration. The year before it was on a school trip in October. THe year before that was the year Trevor got home from his mission, and while the rest of the family went to Swan Lake, I was puking in the bathroom, and Trevor stayed and held my hair back for me while I heaved.

i take so many precautions this time of the year it's almost compulsive. i wash my hands constantly, don't directly touch ANY doorknobs, on the onset of a migraine (that indicates that i'm getting sick) I IMMEDIATELY go to bed to avoid illness... shoot, I do everything to avoid this. I thought I was going to get away from my little "tradition" this year, but no.

Yesterday at church I started to feel dizzy, then my vision started going all weird, then the speaker's voice was super loud. I laid down on Steven's lap, then realized I was going to throw up.

Later that day after a long nap I was feeling better, so I ate dinner and then in a few short hours I was about to DIE so i finally threw up AGAIN and felt better, then during family prayer I felt my body tensing up again (you know, your jaw gets all tight, your tongue feels like it's constricting, your throat muscles start spasming...) so I went to the bathroom and started it all over again.

I couldn't sleep so we tried to call Trevor, but he probably didn't have service casue we couldn't get through. So we turned on an old favorite, Willow, and about halfway through we were finally tired enough to fall asleep.

So today Toni and I went out and ran some errands, came home, and as soon as we got out of the car, I felt my body preparing to be sick. I laid down on the couch and was in and out of sleep for an hour or so.

Now I am feeling a little better. I don't have much in my tummy so I'm hoping that it will stop hurting soon.

I just hate this dumb Tradition, because this time of the year is my absolute FAVORITE and I hate not being able to run around, playing with the family and enjoying the yummy food. At least it happened early on I guess.

On a brighter side, here is a list of my favorite Chapman Christmastime Traditions:

1. Decorating the Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving - I miss the home videos with the old HUGE videocamera with dad's "special affects" that made it look like an LSD Christmas Extravaganza. And I miss throwing the snowflakes onto the tree like throwing stars...
2. Shrimp Cocktails every Thanksgiving - and all of the kids eating the shrimp off the top then giving the lettuce covered in cocktail sauce to Dad:)
3. All of the kids sleeping in the same room Christmas Eve - I remember Mom putting us to bed at 4:30 PM one year! I was like 10! So Trev0r was 15! But we still went to bed with the kids.
4. Not showering, changing clothes, or going outside for at least Christmas Day and the day after - I absolutely LOVE how cozy our house is on Christmas and how time ceases to exist cause our body-clocks are all off from going to bed at 3 PM and waking up at 2 AM.
5. 2 Sets of Stockings - When me and Trevor were little, Santa gave us the game Sorry! in our room so that we would stay in our room for a couple hours longer, giving mom and dad time to wake up. It was so successful that Santa started giving each of us our own stocking to keep us entertained before we went upstairs and got our OTHER stocking and big Santa present.
6. The Christmas Jar - read the book and you'll understand.

But I think my all-time favorite tradition is watching how much fun Dad has playing with all of the new toys every year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Blogosphere!

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  1. That made me cry.

    NO - not the throwing up part - the other stuff.
    Please get better soon sweetie!


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