04 October, 2008

Top 10 Things I Want to Do In AK

Steven, me and my mom are going to back to Sitka, Alaska (where I grew up) for a quick visit.

1. Harbor Mountain
2. Cross Trails
3. Mosquito Cove
4. Go to the docks
5. Hart lake
6. Eat out at
  • Kenny's
  • Little Tokyo
  • Chocolate Moose
  • Ludwig's 
  • Pizza Express
7. Visit our old house
8. Go to SEAMART!!!!
9. Go "downtown" and visit Bev 
10. Whale Park


  1. So.... how come I am the only one in the family who doesn't get to go to Alaska? Trevor goes in January. I sense a conspiracy going on. Regardless, you guys are going to have so much fun!! And I love your hair! SOOOOOOO cute!

  2. Caci - Have Trev get you a ticket! Come with us in January - k?
    Brookie ...Ludwigs is out of business ... but everything else should work fine - make sure you bring rain gear. Remember though, only one bag each. We'll have to borrow someone's x-tra tuffs. YAY! I'm so excited!

  3. That is awesome that you get to take a trip up to Sitka. I miss Kenny's too - T-4 (spicy teriyaki chicken)....all the time!


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