01 October, 2008

"Home Can Be a Heaven On Earth"

and it is! we are finally in the townhouse and it is absolutely wonderful. I can't stop smiling just sitting here in the library typing about it. i love it. our kitchen is enormous, our living room has perfect lighting, our bedroom has TWO walk-in closets, our guest room is super cute, our bathrooms are classy and luxurious.... AND we have SO MUCH STORAGE SPACE!
i want to live here forever... or until we grow out of it. but until then, it's home. i'm on a school computer so i can't post pics right now, but as soon as it's decorated i will take pictures of every corner of our beautiful abode.

i have three tests this week so i've been spending most of my time studying in between bouts of moving out of the insane asylum (aka, appletree apartments) and decorating our new house. steven, bless his heart, is really sick today with the stomach flu and has been sick since late last night, but he still pretty much moved us in completely with the help of dave young and spencer, and he organized all of our clothes. what a trooper.

okay, i think that's all for now. stay tuned for pictures!


  1. Congrats Kids!
    What's your mailing address?

  2. So glad you finally got in. Now we moms have a place to stay when we come to visit! YEAH!

  3. haha yep :)

    i'll text it to ya mom

  4. Can't wait to see pictures of your townhouse!!! It sounds awesome!


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