26 September, 2008

Start of School Soundtrack & A Picture of My New Hair!

1. work - jimmy eat world (sounds like a loud crazy song for the first few seconds, but it's actually great)
2. satellite - guster
3. i'm yours - jason mraz
4. making memories of us - keith urban (i know, i know... but it's good country). 
5. permanent monday - jordan spa

and some songs i'm really sick of, but i think some of you - especially trevor and bryan, might really like:
1. the general - dispatch
2. la mar - the beautiful girls 
3. the shade of poison trees - dashboard confessional
4. brothers on a hotel bed - death cab
5. winter - bayside

Here's a picture of my new hair:)


  1. Brookie - you are SO, SO CUTE!!!! And I'm going to have Bry make a cd for me with all your songs for our trip to Flagstaff tomorrow ... thanks for the suggestions! I really love your hair. I need to learn how to round-brush. Shelise was talking to me about it too. My arms just get so tired and it takes so very long for each strand to dry, even in this arid place. I'm going to try tonight though. Love you! Kiss Steve for me (on his cheek please)

  2. Your hair is super cute Brookie!

  3. thanks guys! hope you're having fun at the bat mitzvah!


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