11 September, 2008

Settled in. And an awful story.

We are in Rexburg! And it's great!

I'm taking a pretty big load this semester and trying to keep up with all of it. I actually just BARELY got done with my studying and our internet is so slow at the apartment, I'm using a library computer to give a quick update.

Our apartment is GHETTO! I can't WAIT to move into the townhouse.

Steven just got a job as a credit consultant.. you can ask him for a job description.. at Progrexion. He has also been waking up at 7 AM every day to drive a school bus for an hour or so. He is such a hardworker. He's actually at a field trip right now.

Okay but the main reason I'm posting is to tell you an awful story.

Every summer I live my '83 GMC Jimmy at my mom's cousin's ranch outside of Idaho Falls. They just park it in a shed on their property and occasionally take it out for a spin. This summer they were really busy and couldn't take it out much, so because of its stationary state, some field mice decided to inhabit it.

ALL of my cute cute cute winter clothes and favorite books and some of Steven's stuff was in that car - it kind of works as a storage unit when I'm not driving it.

So guess what? We opened up one of the boxes - the one with my FAVORITE things in it, and we found a mouse! The ugliest thing I've ever seen! It's face was as big as its body! And it chewed up my favorite sweaters and the covers of my favorite books!

So I screamed, Steven came and brought the box outside, and in the process of emptying it, we found TWO MORE MICE! JUST AS UGLY AS THE FIRST!

I always thought it was ridiculous how women on TV always faint when they see rodents. I get it now.

They are sick.

I hate them. I hope they know how much I hate them. Steven took care of them, so there will not be any more mouse-breeding in the Jimmy for the time being. I now have a mouse-phobia. Just call me Monk.

Miss you all! More soon



  1. Thats so sad about the mice. They are disgusting little creatures. My sad story was when I was first going to BYU-I and all of my clothes were still on their hangers just laying in my trunk and the light burnt them. Sad story but true. So I feel your pain yours is just more grose. Im glad you two got there safe and sound. Hope you like the condo.

  2. But it's a CUTE sad story ....
    love you sweetie!

  3. i Hate mice...I know they are harmless but they give me the heebeegeebees.

  4. That's pretty gross, but to be expected I guess if it wasn't used all summer and was parked in a field. Too bad. We left our car one summer with grandparents down south while we went back to Alaska and when we got back our battery was dead and had to be replaced. Expensive! Your story is definitely nastier, though:-)

  5. disgusting.
    please tell me that you burned all of those clothes ...if not, i don't know that we will be hugging unless you are in your summer wardrobe.

    come visit soon! we don't have any mice.

  6. I totally get it. We had a few mice coming into our kitchen from who knows where. Of course since I have 3 kids (one of them being a crawling baby) I had to spend tons of time cleaning because it freaked me out, especially when I knew they crawled on utensils and pots/pans. I'm happy to report they are history. Gone. Dead.


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