03 September, 2008

2500 Miles Later

We are now in NV with my family and it is so nice to be able to stretch out!

We stopped in Virginia on the way here and visited the Redferns in Williamsburg. We love them. Skip and Cathy let us stay with them and completely pampered us. We spent most of our time at Ben and Amanda's house. We watched cute Little Ben run around and play (what a cutie pie), chatted with Catie and Amanda about their pregnancies (Congratulations Catie!), and then spent the rest of our time playing the epic game, Scum. I was successfully "President" for 3 rounds in a row! But quickly lost my place after getting dealt a bad hand, and ended up as Scum Scum for the next little while. But that is a story for another day.

I fell in love with Virginia. We are going to move there someday hopefully. I also fell in love with the east coast Redferns. What a great family.

The drive back was one filled with DP, country music, me falling asleep at random (I think I have narcolepsy on road trips), and a whole lot of prairie. We slept a total of 6 hours (I may have slept a couple more than that). Needless to say, we are exhausted.

I love coming home! As soon as we got here we climbed into nice, cushy beds and slept for a few hours. We've spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating delicious food (crock-pot chicken and rice and amazing peach cobbler), and watching Monk.

We're getting ready to go back to school and we're so excited. Where we're going to live is still up in the air, but will hopefully get figured out in the next few days. Before we get back to Rexburg we are stopping in Utah to run dozens of exciting errands. Can't wait to get back on I-15... that freeway feels like home after all the driving we've done on it!

That's about it for now. I'm sure I'll update again soon. Love you all!

Brooke and Steve


  1. Glad your road trip is going so well!
    Sounds like Virgina was great fun. Hope you guys have a blast in NV with the family and a safe trip to Rexburg!

  2. Oh Brooke, I just love you!!! Please move here!

  3. Aren't road trips so much more fun when you're married? Hope you find a place to stay in ID-- Trevor and I were homeless for a week last semester... Hopefully ID isn't so crowded. Can't wait to see pics of your new place!


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