25 August, 2008

The Rest of the Bahamas

The rest of our honeymoon was very relaxed. We explored Nassau, shopped for souvenirs, kept eating delicious food, and caught up on sleep.

Overall the entire wedding and reception were amazing - a big thank you to our entire family - the Chapmans and the Redferns, as well as our extended family and friends. We really appreciate you all and love you so much! Thanks for taking care of us! 

We leave late Friday night for Virginia before heading back to Rexburg for the fall. I CAN'T wait! I've already started packing us up, which has been really easy because so much of our stuff we don't need because of the awesome wedding presents we received. Just a bunch of clothes, some Bahamas/Wedding stuff, and a few other items are all we're taking back which is SUCH a change - the Chapmans are in the habit of packing every vehicle to the brim whenever we move. And that's not an understatement (remember August of '06 in the hatch of the Rodeo? No, you don't, because it was just ME back there).... 

Anyway, we're stoked. Virginia's gonna be great.

We're stopping in Vegas for a day or two to see my family before we head up through Utah for a friend's wedding reception then on to Rexburg!

It's going to be AWESOME this semester! Oh my heck I cannot WAIT! Autumn is my all-time favorite season and especially in Rexburg because the leaves turn beautiful colors and the temperature is perfect, and I'm so so so sick of summer clothes. I LOVE being semi-bundled up! Plus Brandon and now Bree will be nearby as well! So we'll get to see family often. Plus I just can't wait to set up our new little home! 


Okay I'll write again soon




  1. I am soooo glad your honeymoon was so fun. I was worried the first couple of days. Hopefully, the Redfern travelling luck will kick in now that your in the fam!

  2. So glad the last day of your honeymoon was a good one. Hooray for family and friends - sounds like they made your wedding and reception the best ever!!!
    We hope you two have a great trip back to Rexburg with some fun stops along the way.

  3. Brooke! Sounds like the honeymoon turned out after all! We were worried when we read your blog about being stuck in the airport!
    Where are you guys living up here??


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