12 August, 2008

My initials are BCR now!

Yes, my new name is Brooke Chapman Redfern!

We got married! YESSSSSS!

The week before our wedding was wonderful, everyone was so helpful and sweet. We got to spend a few days with the Chapmans in Las Vegas where we did some final wedding prep and I went through the temple. Then we drove up to Salt Lake with Mom, Sierra and Bryan. Once we got there, everything is kind of a blur. 

Our wedding day started out with some stress - my hair was UUUUUGLY but I re-did it after having a mild panic attack, then got ready in about ten minutes because the hair people took so long that we were in a crazy rush. 

But by the time Steven came to pick me up to drive to the temple, I was calm and the rest of the day just went by perfectly. 

The sealing was wonderful. We loved it. 

The reception was so fun as well. It was supposed to be an outdoor reception but it was raining so everything got moved inside. Luckily everyone was happy to get cozy with each other. THe cake was BEAUTIFUL. 

We left for our honeymoon at exactly 8:47, and since then have had a few airline complications. Southwest lost our luggage, so we only had our carry-ons and a little travel bag from from Southwest the first night, then our flight to the bahamas was cancelled the next day because the pilot didn't show up. Jerk.

I'm actually blogging from the airport now because we are going to be here for quite a while. We got on the plane and then guess what? The dang plane had hit a bird on the way here and had some crazy damage! 

Here is our question: what kind of bird had to have been hit to cause a 6 hour delay?!

We thought we would be stuck here all night (and there is a small chance we will be), but they said that the plane should be fixed in a few hours, and then we'll fly through Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau. 

Luckily we're already married, because if this was a pre-marriage trip I would take it as a sign that Steven and Brooke are not meant to be. Now I think it is just kind of funny. Steven might not see the humor till we get to the Bahamas. 

Regardless we will still get to spend 3.5. days at our lovely hotel (which would have been 5 had Spirit Air not been so unfortunate). 

So the long and short of it:

Bree said that she thinks that honeymoons are a good indication of what kind of marriage a couple will have. Here is what I have deduced:

Circumstances will not always be picture perfect for us (I guess that's a true statement for everyone, but a little more exreme in our case) - I have TERRIBLE luck when it comes to things like airplanes, car accidents, planned situations, etc. But as long as we have a comfy place to stay and a toothbrush, our marriage will blossom beautifully. Oh, and quick conversations about eight times a day with our moms are a MUST. 

So pray that we get out of this terrible airport and that Spirit Airlines goes under on August 18th (the day after we get back). Oh yeah, word to the wise - NEVER FLY SPIRIT! THEY ARE THE WORST AIRLINES EVER! THERE ARE LIKE 3 COOL SPIRIT WORKERS OUT OF LIKE 899,000! NOT KIDDING! NEVER FLY SPIRIT!

Okay that is all. Real quick thanks to our families for being wonderful and our friends for thinking we are the coolest. And our extended family for supporting us. 

Love you all!



  1. Well, Mrs. Redfern ... sounds like you'll have great stories to tell through the years. Like Bruce & Patti have taught me, "if it will make for a good story, go for it!". LOVE YOU!

  2. it's nice to know there is another mrs. r out there.

    we already think your wedding day/honeymoon a great story and haven't stopped telling it.


    enjoy your vacation. i am so jealous. i would give anything to be alone with my mr. r right now.


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