29 August, 2008

leaving fiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy

things to do

1. finish downloading Titanic soundtrack (ohhh yeah.)

2. burn country CDs for Steven and soundtrack CDs for me (schindler's list, lord of the rings, titanic, man from snowy river, etc.... love the soundtracks when i drive)

3. pack up all last minute belongings

4. bring Caci all of our food and cool things we can't take with us

5. get SALES when i go out with Steve later this afternoon

6. hit the ROAD!


  1. Good luck you guys! Have a fun drive back to Idaho! It should be thinking about fall back there. Lots of nice colors at least!

  2. So sad that you're gone! At least we got a lot of food out of it all! (And some Nair! Can I hear a Woot-Woot!?)


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