18 August, 2008

A Harrowing Tale: Bahamas, Day 1 and Tropical Storm Faye

Alrighty, time to catch up. I'm going to do this on a day-by-day basis, so I don't overwhelm anyone because I tend to ramble a little when I'm excited. So each day I will go through our Bahama adventure, then share a little about what's going on in real time.

So, here goes.

Our first night in the Bahamas we got in SUPER late, so we just hit up the buffet at our resort, then hit the sack. The next day we shopped at a few little stands held together by 2x4s and tarps where the local women sold their handmade crafts like bracelets, carved wall-hangings, sarongs, and cool little trinkets like coasters and napkin holders. I WiSH I HAD ThE PICTuRES WE TOOK! Dang it. I'll have them soon. But anyway we bartered with the Mama and ended up getting some sweet bracelets. They were pretty cheap because of the "rainy day discount" we got - I was like, what the heck, it's not even raining, but okay.

So then like ten minutes later, guess what? Hardcore rain, thunder and lightning storm. It was AWESOME! So we chillaxed for quite a while until the rain let up that evening, then we took a taxi into downtown Nassau and enjoyed the delicious food, wonderful people, and BEAUTIFUL scenery.

The best part was still to come . . . 

But I'll save that for tomorrow.


Okay in real time, we are back in the Flo and Tropical Storm Faye is supposed to hit us pretty hard tomorrow. Wednesday will be the worst day with winds reaching up to 100 MPH! Yikes! I'm getting ready to run to the store to stock up in case we lose power/water for a while. 

I'm so sick of Florida. You know how there are certain places you go that are just in your blood? Well, Florida is definitely NOT one of those places for me. I still feel like a stranger here even though I've lived here for months. I still feel like my apartment is a hotel room. which makes me mad cause it is absolutely beautiful here - it SEEMS like I should love it, but I just don't! Sad, huh?

Anyway, I really do need to run to the store, but I will tell the tales of Day II in the Bahamas tomorrow unless TS Faye makes a palm tree fall on me and I'm incapacitated.


Steven and Brooke REDFERN

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  1. ok so how are you not totally freaked out? 100 mph winds? crazy!! Well im glad you had fun and I cant wait to here about the best part of your honeymoon. Its been quite the adventure up until now so I cant even imagine whats coming next. Oh and by the way, you were beautiful on your wedding day. Your hair, the dress, everything... really you looked awesome.


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