16 August, 2008


Okay, I have 7 minutes. Here goes.

We didn't end up getting out on that flight. The damage from the killer bird was too destructive to the plane, so the flight was cancelled, after we waited for about four hours to find out when it would be leaving.

6 minutes. Yikes.

We ended up running from airline to airline begging ANYONE to put us on a plane to Nassau. We'd already lost a day and a half of our honeymoon, so we were desperate. Luckily, good ol' American Airlines put us on a flight to Miami (first class) with a connecting flight to Nassau on this little tiny jet that you had to take a little crowded bus out to.

Nassau is amazing. The people here are wonderful. We don't have a lot of time (5 minutes) to report all about our good friends here like Roscoe, Wayne, Jason, Trey, and the guy who gave us a dollar... but don't worry, I will give a full, detailed report of each AWESOME experience we've had.

But real quick - yesterday I ordered fried snapper for lunch and guess what? They brought out an entire FISH! That had just been dipped in fry sauce! And fried! Probably while it was still alive! When our family lived in Guam and we traveled to the Philippines, I'd had almost the exact same meal, but for some reason it was much harder for me to eat it here. Steven ate more of it than I did. The shame.

So today we are out getting presents and then checking into a cheap little hotel for our last night before we head back to Tampa. It is beautiful here. The people are so wonderful.

All of you seriously need to book a flight to Nassau (not with Spirit though. With American). And experience the full Rastafarian, no-hurries no-worries lifestyle..... we might not come back.


Okay I'll write more later.

Love you all!

S & B


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  3. You two are having too much fun (huge congratulations, by the way)! I wouldn't want to come back from the Bahamas either! We're glad that you at least got to your destination. Have tons of romantic sunset walks on the beach for us!

  4. What an adventure! Can't wait to hear more details ... have a safe journey home.

  5. So fun!!!! You are going to miss the Bahamas even more once you get back to the cold frozen tundra of Rexburg. Maybe we will meet you guys down there this Christmas; what do ya say?


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