22 August, 2008

Bahamas Day 3

So day three of the Bahamas was awesome. We rented a scooter and first went into downtown Nassau to buy presents for our families. Then the real adventure began.

First let me say that when Steven is rocking the scooter, you wouldn't be able to differentiate between him and Jason Bourne. He was weaving in and out of traffic like it was nobody's business. It was crazy but very exhilarating.  I drove for a little while when there wasn't traffic. Steven just said that I drove it a lot better than he would have thought I would. Yahoo. 

We stopped on the side of the road, cause we saw a stand where there were some old men selling conchs.  I wanted to see if they had any empty conch shells, which they did, and when we offered to pay for it, the man just gave it to us and said that we didn't have to pay because we were on vacation! 

Next we met Trey, a Jamaican guy about our age who was selling CDs of his friend's reggae at a gas station. He kept referring to Steve as "Big Brother", which was awesome. We even got a picture with him, and he gave us his email so we could send it to him.

Our next friend was Andrew. He was selling Knaps on the side of the road. Knaps are the little green balls that look like huge grapes that hang off of palm trees.  You peel off the hard skin then suck on the fruit inside. They are DELICIOUS! Andrew not only gave us the bag we bought for a dollar, but an extra bag since it was our vacation and our first time trying Knaps. What a sweetheart.

We bought a mango a little later and it was delectable. 


Back in FL things are wet. It's been pouring on and off today like someone is turning a faucet on and off. It's awful. Steven has been selling pretty well despite our ailments. He is a trooper.

We started watching Arrested Development, which is HILARIOUS. Certain members of my extended family fit the roles to PERFECTION. Trevor and Caci know what I mean, I'm sure.

Speaking of which, if you are reading our blog, PLEASE COMMENT! Sometimes I feel all alone in my shoutings out to the cyber world. We want to know what you think, so please let us know.

Well, that's about all. We leave Dante's Inferno in about 8 days. We just started realizing how much we're going to miss our across-the-lake neighbors, though. Trev, Caci and Jace have been near us all summer, and it will be weird not to be there for Jace's new obsessions (balls, wall-e, hitting me in the face with any hard object, etc...) Oh well...

Okay that's really it. Love you all and we'll write again soon


  1. Ok - I'm going to have to watch the show and hope to not be offended at which character I am :)

    So glad you got a conch shell! When Dad & I were there nearly 27 years ago, you could take anything you want from the ocean & beaches. Dad was snorkeling and found a huge conch that had already been hunted, so the shell was empty - perfect to take home! So I'm glad you got a shell to remind you of your delicious chowder!

    Love to you both.

  2. knaps are delicious!
    good luck with your pending move...
    i hate packing!
    oh and congratulations!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun on day 3 of your trip. That is so awesome that you now own a conch shell. That is something I want to pick up one of these days. Hope you guys are feeling much better


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